• leistungen

    KnowHow Pool

    For Insurances and Financial Services Providers we offer
    IT-Consulting • Custom Software Development and Offshoring • System Integration • International Staffing
    For industry, retail and service providers we offer
    IT Consulting • SAP Consulting • Projekt Management • Individual Software Development & Offshoring
  • loesungen

    Business Solutions

    For the areas of ECM Consulting and ECM projects we offer
    Business Process Optimisation • ECM Consulting • System Integration: appecon Products and Third Party Products
  • datamining

    Data Mining

    Permanent data analyses as a basis of the decision and process optimisation. Performant access to data sources, volumes and structures in the enterprise.
The main pillars of the appecon GmbH
The main pillars of the appecon GmbH are the KnowHow Pool, Business Solutions and Data Mining. Our consulting offer includes different services and we are pleased to inform you in detail about the various topics.

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